- 【Recruitment】2021 Cathay Management Associate Program-Overseas Management Domain (2021.04.09 deadline)


As one of the best financial institutions in Asia, Cathay United Bank is looking for ambitious and passionate talent for the financial industry.

Join us, together we can reach new heights! We provide abundant resources, comprehensive rotation and rapid promotion, making you an “Asian banker” of the future.


-Nationality: No restriction on nationality; those with Southeast Asian nationality/overseas Chinese are preferred (Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos/Malaysia/Philippines/Myanmar)

-Education: Graduated from top universities in Taiwan or abroad; those with finance-related work experience are preferred.

-Language: Fluent in Mandarin/English and proficient in local languages.

Program features

-Thorough training system: After admission, CMA will receive two-year training at the Head Office (Taipei, Taiwan),

including professional financial courses, customer/corporate banking internship as well as training and internship regarding digital data.

 After training, CMA will return to and service their home countries in the long run.

-Rapid promotion: Get promoted 2.5 times faster than other colleagues, quickly taking on supervisory positions.

-Competitive salary: Offering salary better than market both during training and at formal appointments.

Application process

  1. Written information review
  2. Competency test &Chinese video interview
  3. English interview
  4. Logical reasoning test
  5. Situational interview
  6. Functional interview
  7. Interview with senior executives

All of the above can be conducted remotely.

How to apply

  1. Please submit your resume on our recruitment website https://reurl.cc/5o3jV7
  1. Or email your resume to HR:NT46322@cathaybk.com.tw(Ms. Lin) and NT18818@cathaybk.com.tw (Ms. Wu)