- 【Event】International Chemical Disaster Training (Southeast Asian students)


➢ Southeast Asian international students (Vietnamese, Filipinos, Malaysians, Indians, Thais, Nepalese, …etc) who had never participated in the training class in the past years.
➢ Students major in departments relating to Chemicals (Engineering), Environmental (Engineering), and Occupational Safety and Health.
➢ Preference is given to Graduate and Doctoral Students. Also, College Students are welcomed to apply.

Application Time and Methods
➢ Submission can be accepted from now on, and the deadline is August 6, 17:00.
➢ If you have completed to apply the training program before July, you don’t need apply again. We’ll notify you.
➢ Please reach to the website: https://reurl.cc/9Z5aYY 

Enclosed is the brochure for further information.