- 【Scholarship】2022 Spring ​NYCU International Students Scholarships​ application announcement* ( 2021.11.16 till 2021.12.31 noon)


2022 Spring ​NYCU International Students Scholarships​ Application now OPEN*
(award period March 2022 – February 2023)

This application is only open to current Int'l Degree-Seeking Students who have already been studying at NYCU for at least one semester.
Newly admitted students who have not yet entered NYCU and current NYCU scholarship recipients whose award duration includes 2022 Spring semesters are also not eligible to apply.
For other detailed information please check the description of the 2022 Spring NYCU scholarship on the system.

Application Deadline:
12​:00 noon,​ December 31, 2021, ​​GMT+8 (upload and send out online application )
Late applications will not be considered.

Application Links:
*Only current students who are already enrolled and are not in suspension can log in to the application system.

Ms. Fei Chin Chang
Division of International Admissions
Email: scholarshipoia@nycu.edu.tw   (for inquiry, please specify student ID and full name)