- 【Recruitment】Bioguard Corporation Job opening: Management Trainee


Job opening Management Trainee誠徵海外儲備幹部

This is Bioguard Corporation in Taiwan. https://www.bioguardlabs.com/

We are eager for talents from different countries to join our company. We could provide work visas training. We are seeking for self-motivated and passionate members.


  1. Personnel management, quality management, related training and performance evaluation in the areas where they are stationed and served.
  2. Assist the head office in operating the stationed service area and become an important communication platform between customers and the company.
  3. After training then will be assigned to home market.


  1. Proficient in English.
  2. Master‘s degree in veterinary medicine, medical laboratory science and biotechnology, biotechnology, biochemistry, or related field required.
  3. Relevant work experience in laboratory medical or veterinary medicine.
  4. The ideal candidate will live in North Taiwan, native Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese speaker.


Please mail to carina@bioguard.com.tw or service@bioguard.com.tw for more information.