- 【Announcement】2023 Spring semester NYCU International Students Scholarships are now OPEN for APPLICATION! (till 12:00 noon, September 9th, 2022)


NYCU International Students Scholarships for the 2023 Spring semester (award period March 2023 – February 2024) are now OPEN for APPLICATION!

  1. Eligibility:

For example, current NYCU scholarship recipients whose award duration includes the 2023 Spring semester, Taiwan Scholarships, ESP Scholarship, UST Scholarship, TIGP Scholarship, NSNT Scholarship, NYCU Elite Ph.D., scholarship sponsored by the government of your home country…. etc.).

  1. NYCU Scholarship Regulation (Latest version):
    Please read the regulation carefully before applying for the NYCU scholarship.
  2. NYCU International Student Scholarship Application System Link :
  3. Application Duration:till 12:00 noon, September 9, 2022 (GMT+8)
    We only accept the online application and please upload PDF files to the system.

Make sure to submit your application before the deadline.

Late submission will not be considered!

Please check the system and your mail regularly to confirm your application status.

If you are requested to resubmit any document, the email notice will be sent out from the system.

  1. Type of Award

Type of award

Requirement for Academic Performance

1. Scholarship for the student award

The average grade of the latest two semesters:
Undergrad. Students: 3.0 (score by grade point)
Grad. Students: 3.7 (score by grade point)

2. Tuition Reduction (for students exceeding max. award period)

Overall GPA (CGPA 歷年總平均)
Undergrad.: 3.0(score by grade point)
Grad.: 3.7(score by grade point)

3. Tuition Reduction

New students whose grades are below the minimum grade requirement may apply for tuition reduction for the 2nd semester.


  1. Required Documents for Application (Please upload PDF files only)


Required / Optional


Declaration for Scholarship Application

Required for all applicants

An applicant's signature is required.

NYCU full official transcript (Grade one)

Required for all applicants

1. Apply for a full official transcript (Grade, no class ranking)
2. NYCU transcript containing the 2022 Spring semester result is mandatory. 

Conduct Grades

Required for all applicants

Applicants from Chiaotung Campus:

1. Please log in to your NYCU portal (https://portal.nycu.edu.tw/#/login?redirect=%2F)

2. Please find the “CT Campus”->"學務"-> Holistic education information system.

3. Download the record of your conduct grades then upload the file to the scholarship application system.

Applicants from Yangming Campus:

1. Please log in to your NYCU portal (https://portal.nycu.edu.tw/#/login?redirect=%2F)

2. Please find the “YM Campus”->"Life at Yangming Campus"->

Office of Student Affairs->學生活動紀錄表

3. Download the record of your conduct grades then upload the file to the scholarship application system.

Research Report

Required for post-graduate students who are not taking courses or exceeding the max. award period

1-2 page (12pt, single-spaced)
Signatures of the applicant and advisor are required.

The Chinese language waived certificate


You can submit one of the following documents:
1. Certificate of Chinese Proficiency Test issued by NYCU Chinese Language Center.
2. Chinese courses waived certificate issued by NYCU Chinese Language Center.
3. TOCFL certificate (Level 2 or higher)

Supplementary materials


You can upload the documents which may be helpful for your application.
For example, a volunteer services certificate.
(Template can be downloaded from the system if needed.)

5.1 Recommendation Letter (Submit deadline – 2022/9/9 at 23:59):
Required for post-graduate students who are not taking courses or students who belong to the reduction type.

  1. Fill out the letter on the system
  2. Upload the scanned letter to the system

*You can submit the application before the recommendation letter is completed. *

  1. Important Notes

OIA will send notices to applicants if your application is not completed. You are not able to revise your application after submission. Your application won’t be considered if your application is incomplete.

Co-funding from the research advisor, department/institute, or college is compulsory for the post-graduate student scholarship award. This policy applies to the current student award applications in principle.

NYCU scholarship applicants and recipients need to take Chinese courses (see scholarship regulation Article 5 Item 2).

Exemption for Chinese courses:

  1. Students who have taken Chinese language courses before enrolling at NYCU.

Please submit your Chinese Language certificate (TOCFL) or other official documents for exemption.

  1. The pass certificate of the placement at NCYU Chinese Language Center.

Contact persons:
Chiaotung Campus: Ms. Fei-Chin Chang, Email: feichin@nycu.edu.tw
Yangming Campus: Ms. Trudy Wu, Email: trudy@nycu.edu.tw