- 【Recruitment】Contact TAIWAN Career Talk & Employment Meeting - Hsinchu


《Contact TAIWAN Career Talk & Employment Meeting - Hsinchu》

👨‍🎓 I’m an international student. I’d like to start my career in Taiwan after graduation ! 👩‍🎓
【Contact TAIWAN Career Talk & Employment Meeting】JUST FOR International Students is coming up ❗️ ❗️ Join us to talk with TOP Taiwanese enterprises who are eager to recruit international talents. This is one of the best paths for international students to pursue a career in Taiwan 😍

⏰ Date & Time: 13:30-16:45pm, Oct 19th, Wednesday, 2022
🏫 Place: National Tsing Hua University, Lecture Hall 102, Mong Man-Wai Buidling
🏢 Enterprises: ASML、DIMERCO、GPline、Micron、PSMC

Registration Steps:
1. Register Career Talk & get FREE SNACK BOX 🍰: https://ContactTAIWAN.tw/event/2022Hsinchu
(You’ll receive email for QRcode to check-in at the event)
2. Registered as Contact TAIWAN Talent Member & update your CV: https://www.ContactTAIWAN.tw/event/2022MemberRegister
3. Register for Interviews: https://www.ContactTAIWAN.tw/event/register
(Download Contact TAIWAN APP for interviews booking & remember to bring your CVs to the event)
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