- 【Recruitment】XSEMI Corporation India Branch Recruitment Project


Company Profile :
Xsemi Corporation was established as a joint venture in August 2021 by Foxconn, a global electronic foundry, and Yageo, a large passive component manufacturer. The two parties will join hands with Xsemi to enter into the development and sales of semiconductor products, combining the advantages of Foxconn and Yageo. And resources, in the future, we can cooperate with international semiconductor manufacturers in product design, process improvement, and sales channels to further build a complete semiconductor industry chain.
Xsemi plays an important strategic role in the semiconductor business blueprint of Foxconn and Yageo. In the initial stage, we’ll focus on the integration and development of small IC products, aiming to provide a stable supply of analog and power ICs, a key component. Further, we’ll provide a complete one-stop supply of components for the global customers of the two major groups in the current semiconductor field and the electric vehicle, digital medical, and robotic fields that will be developed in the future, so as to meet the diverse needs of global customers and provide high-quality and stable supply. One-stop shopping service is the goal.
Website: https://www.xsemi-corporation.com/
[Silicon Valley of India] Talent recruitment~~ R&D engineers !!

★Job: Analog Design engineer、Digital Design engineer
Qualification: Master degree or above in EE or related department.
★Job: Layout engineer
Qualification: Bacheler degree or above in related department.

Willing to travel / expatriate to India and have English communication skills.

India (office location in preparation)

If you are interested, please attach your resume and send it to the email。