- 【Internship】Wistron is looking for Vietnamese students


Wistron has launched a recruitment plan for Vietnamese students.

1. Future Star Summer Internship Program
Open to applicants (delivery first, interview first)
Hardware Development: https://jobs.wistron.com/#/app/vacancy/467
Institutional research and development: https://jobs.wistron.com/#/app/vacancy/490
project management: https://jobs.wistron.com/#/app/vacancy/479

2. The Vietnamese student incentive program is welcome to sign up for Vietnamese students in the Department of Electronics/Electrical Engineering/Mechanics/Business Management, and above junior year. Complete the surveycake questionnaire and complete the delivery resume on the recruitment official website, and you will have the opportunity to get NTD$6,000 in rewards this semester! (from now until 4/14)

Step 1 surveycake questionnaire https://www.surveycake.com/s/KPXMk
Step 2 Delivery resume https://jobs.wistron.com/#/app/vacancy/601

3. General recruitment plan, fresh graduates from Department of Electronics/Electrical Engineering/Mechanics are welcome to apply
Hardware Development: https://jobs.wistron.com/#/app/vacancy/583
Institutional research and development: https://jobs.wistron.com/#/app/vacancy/586

4. MPT Global Talent Reserve Program, welcomes fresh graduates from Electronic/Electrical Engineering/Mechanical Department and Vietnamese nationality to apply (Deadline: 4/30)
Hardware Development: https://jobs.wistron.com/#/app/vacancy/512
Institutional research and development: https://jobs.wistron.com/#/app/vacancy/513