- 【Scholarship】2020 Selection Guidelines (Summer and Fall Selection) Internship Scholarship for Overseas Chinese and International Students


I. Purpose
To encourage professors at the National Chiao Tung University(hereinafter referred to as the “University”) to send overseas Chinese and international students to domestic and overseas enterprises or organizations for the professional internship, cultivate talents with both academic and practical experience, and enhance the future employment competitiveness of the University's overseas Chinese and international students.

II. Eligibility
Principal investigators submit proposals and select students to participate in the project. Principal investigators shall be full-time teachers at the University.
Students must meet the following qualifications:
(I) Overseas Chinese and international students who are officially enrolled in the University (including Hong Kong and Macau but excluding Mainland students).
(II) Have been enrolled in the University for more than one semester, excluding in-service programs. Students must maintain enrollment (without leave of absence) at the University during their internship period.
(III) Meet the selection criteria outlined by the principal investigator in the proposal (Attachment 1).

III. Application and review
(I) The principal investigator shall submit the application proposal to the Office of International Affairs (anitahuang@nycu.edu.tw) before September 11th, 2020. *Proposal for the 2020 summer internship program may also apply.
(II) The Office of International Affairs shall convene a meeting to review and prioritize selection according to internship cooperation mechanisms, expected benefits and the quality of students in each application.
(III) The Office of International Affairs shall announce the review results by October 30th, 2020. (Not all proposals shall receive subsidy).
(IV) Scholarship recipients of approved proposals shall submit required documents for scholarship award disbursement (Attachment 2) to the Office of International Affairs.

IV. Subsidy items and standards
(I) Domestic internship: The maximum scholarship amount is NT$10,000 per month for a maximum of two months.
(II) Overseas internship: The maximum scholarship amount shall be in accordance with the “Amount Table of Ministry of Education Scholarship for Government-Funded Student Studying Abroad” The maximum award period is three months.
(III) The scholarship is calculated on a 30-day month. Excess of 30 days shall be calculated in proportion. The internship period shall be no less than 30 days (including holidays but not including flight time).
(IV) Priority will be given to students who are in their junior year or above, and graduate students.
(V) Only one award shall be given to the same person for the same educational stage. Award recipients shall not repeatedly receive other overseas subsidies or scholarships from Taiwan's government during their internship period.
(VI) The actual subsidy amount and availability shall be adjusted according to the budget of the current year.

V. Obligations of scholarship recipients
Subsidy recipients shall abide by the regulations and uphold the reputation of the University. Those who fail to comply with the following regulations shall be required to return the scholarship:
(I) Scholarship recipients shall maintain their enrollment during the internship period and complete their degree study. They shall not take a leave of absence or withdraw from the University, or fail to return to the country to complete their studies.
(II) Scholarship recipients shall submit their experience report and complete the questionnaire within one month after the internship ends, and participate in at least one internship experience sharing meeting.
(III) Scholarship recipients who fail to comply with the original internship period and terminate their internship in advance shall return the scholarship in proportion to the actual duration of internship. However, advanced internship termination due to force majeure shall not be subjected to this provision.
(IV) The University may recover the full amount of scholarship from scholarship recipients whose conduct during their internship is an insult to the reputation of the University, and who have been given a major demerit or above.

VI. Reminders
(I) The principal investigator shall personally contact the internship organization, and shall not entrust or contract the communication to an agent company. A cooperation contract with the internship organization must be signed, or a letter of agreement must be obtained from the internship organization consenting to the student interning at the organization.
(II) The internship refers to professional internship intended for educational and learning purposes in enterprises or institutions outside of the University. The job content must be relevant to the student’s professional field. Work or volunteer services that are for labor or general administration purposes only or that are unrelated to the professional field of the students shall not be subsidized.
(III) Students who participate in the overseas internship shall be handled in accordance with the “Guidelines for National Chiao Tung University Overseas Internship Program”.
(IV) Any other outstanding matters shall be handled in accordance with the “Internship Scholarship Regulations for National Chiao Tung University Overseas Chinese and International Students”.