- 【Recruitment】Microsoft Transcription Specialist- Annotation Services (Multiple Languages)


Job location: Taipei, Taiwan


Basic Qualifications:
Preferred Qualifications:
These jobs require individuals to work at the office location. However, due to the global pandemic jobs may temporarily be located from home until the decision is made to open local offices and employees may safely return to work.

The transcription specialist will be a key component in building the next generations of speech recognition by producing high quality transactions which will train and improve Microsoft products. The analyst will use native language skills to capture nuances with high fidelity.
In this role, you will be the foundation of the Microsoft teams responsible for driving high AI technology; such as, AI assistance for people’s daily life, meeting captioning, and more.
The transcription specialist’s responsibilities include:

How to apply

2021 Graduates? Apply here
Have more than 1 year of working experience? Apply here
Questions? Please email to tzung.wu@microsoft.com