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- 【Recruitment】MOST Industrial Postdoctoral Program- Recruiting Foreign Doctorate Holder


【MOST Industrial Postdoctoral Program- Recruiting Foreign Doctorate Holder】


1. The High-Level Industrial Professionals Cultivation Program (also known as the "Industrial Postdoctoral Program") provides doctorate holders with training conducted mainly by academic/research institutions in Taiwan that serve as training units. It offers on-the-job training and an internship of at least 6 months or longer to help doctorate holders build up practical experience and core professional skills in the hopes of connecting doctorate holders to careers in the industry.


2. The Ministry of Science and Technology decided to start accepting applications for the project by foreign nationals with a Taiwanese doctorate, a measure which will be continued this year (2022), in order to tap into top-notch talents to advance Taiwan's key industries and enhance the development opportunities for foreign doctorate holders.


3. During training, each accepted applicant shall receive NT$60,000 each month regardless of seniority.


4. Please find enclosed the application rules (for foreign nationals with a Taiwanese doctorate; Attachment 1) and promotional materials (Attachment 2), and kindly assist us in informing parties who may be interested and encouraging foreign doctorate holders to register in the program without hesitation (registration URL:


5. Contact person Mr. Chang; Tel: 0800-035-199 ; E-mail

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