General Information
- 【Announcement】AY2022 CTUAAA scholarship is now open for application till 12:00 noon, August 29, 2022


AY2022 CTUAAA (Chiao-Tung University Alumni Association in America) scholarship is now open for application.
The application deadline is 12 noon, August 29, 2022.
Please email the required documents (PDF files only) to:
The quota for CTUAAA is 1~5 persons per year for NYCU Mainland Chinese students, Ukraine students, and Overseas Chinese students (Thai and Myanmar).
Basically, NT40000-50000 per year and the amount of the scholarship will be depended on the number of awardees.

Required documents:
1. Application form
2. Please write your motivation for this scholarship application and how to use the scholarship for your studies and life
(one page for A4 size, at least 600 words)
3. NYCU transcripts (from the 1st semester till AY 2021 Spring semester)
*GPA for graduate students 3.0/4.3, undergraduate students: 2.20/4.3
4. Please submit at least one report for the following topics (at least 600 words):
A. Why you need this support and why you should be the best candidate for this scholarship?
B. How many Kings and Queens are there in Chinese history? Among them how many we can be called them good rulers? What is the good to the bad ratio? What and why causes this phenomenon and pattern?
C. Are there shared human traits among those Successful startup CEO (i.e., Bill Gates and Steve Jobs), and President Washington, Lincoln,唐太宗和康熙大帝?
5. Supplementary materials

Contact person: Ms. Fei-Chin Chang (
Phone: 03-5712121#50666