Student Area
- 【Event】2022 NYCU Exchange Abroad Fair (11/17-18)


Date:2022/11/17-18 (THU-FRI)
Venue:Basement and Conference Hall A, Library, CT Campus

This fair includes two parts:
  2. Republic of Korea – Ewha Womans University
  3. Singapore – SUTD
  4. Italy – University of Padova
  5. France – ISEP
  6. Czech Republic – Czech Technical University in Prague
  7. Belgium – Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
  8. Belgium – KU Leuven
  9. Germany – University of Augsburg & Technical University of Berlin
  10. Germany – Reutlingen University
  11. Germany – RWTH Aachen University
  12. Switzerland – ETH Zurich
  13. Czech Republic – Masaryk University
  14. Poland – University of Warsaw
  15. The Netherlands – University of Twente
  16. Finland – Hanken School of Economics
  17. Sweden – Linkoping University
  18. Sweden – Chalmers University of Technology

(2)Information Session: <11/17 Video Playback, 11/18 Video Playback>
2022/11/17 THU

12:10-12:20Session 1Studying at the University of Warsaw
12:20-12:35Session 2Welcome to THE LÄND - Hochschule Reutlingen
12:35-13:00Session 3NYCU Outbound Student Exchange Program
13:00-14:00Session 4UST Outbound Student Exchange Program
14:00-14:30Session 5Study at Waseda University

2022/11/18 FRI

12:10-12:25Session 1Student life at the TU Berlin
12:25-12:30Session 2Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management in a nutshell
12:30-12:50Session 3Exchange studies at Chalmers and Sweden
12:50-13:30Session 4Study at Osaka University
13:30-13:50Session 5Study in numerical engineering field at Paris with ISEP
13:50-14:00Session 6My story as a Belgian exchange student (KU Leuven)

Information sessions can be attended in-person or online. Online meeting links will be provided to pre-registered students a day before the event.

To encourage students to take part, bonus marks will be given when applying for outbound exchange studies in AY2023/2024 if one of the following criteria is met:

1.Consult with at least 8 booths and check-in online.
2.Pre-register in advance and check-in online for at least 4 sessions (both in-person and online participation included)

Contact Person:OIA - Cherrie Chow