Dual Degree Program
- 【Dual-degree】[Chalmers University of Technology] 2022-2023 Dual PhD Degree Program


[Chalmers University of Technology] 2022-2023 Dual PhD

Implementation Departments in NYCU: All departments

(Notice: The students should only pursue the program with Chalmers via their Thesis Supervisors. If the supervisor has a relevant contact and collaboration at Chalmers it might be possible for the student to enroll.)

I. Application details:

   1. Departments and courses: LINK
   2. Graduation requirements: 60ECTS
   3. Application procedure: Students are required to apply the program via their NYCU supervisor; the supervisor in NYCU should contact Mr. Jens Hansson for application details.
   4. Fees: tuition waive students should pay student union fees about 200SEK
   5. Contact person in Chalmers : Mr. Jens Hansson <jens.hansson@chalmers.se>

II. How to apply:

   1. Please fill the application form and delivered required documents to Ms. Wendy Weng, Office of International Affairs(1F, Boya Center, Yangming Campus)
   2. Then, the supervisor at NYCU contacts Mr. Jens Hansson <jens.hansson@chalmers.se> directly for application details.

III. Contact

   Name: Ms. Wendy Weng
   Phone: +886-2-28267000 ext. 62108
   E-mail: wongmrk@nycu.edu.tw