Study Abroad
- 【Announcement】Li-yang Wang (Institute of Multimedia Engineering, 109)


Wang Li-yang graduated from the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Undergraduate Honors Program in 2017 and a master’s program at the Institute of Multimedia Engineering in 2020. He is currently studying in a doctoral engineering program at the Eindhoven University of Technology and an internship program offered by the sustainable development department of Philips.

Wang focused on the fields of electrical engineering and information science during his undergraduate years and researched human–machine interaction and virtual reality perception while studying at the Institute of Multimedia Engineering. His master’s thesis discusses the pressure feedback of the sole in virtual reality environments. Wang stated that in the world of coding, he perceives himself as an inventor who creates endless possibilities with the integration of software design and hardware facilities.

During the master’s program, Wang noticed that the Office of International Affairs website was sharing information on the European branch of Delta Electronics recruiting participants for its Delta EMEA Internship Program. Accordingly, he joined the program in the first half of 2019, where he became an intern in the Industrial Automation Department of a Delta Electronics subsidiary in Eindhoven. He served as a field application engineer and was in charge of designing and manufacturing pump interfaces. On behalf of Delta Electronics, Wang then presented his research at the 2019 GreenTech Conference.

After completing the half-year overseas internship program, Wang returned to Taiwan and finished his master’s program. Deeply attracted by the work environment of the Netherlands, he submitted hundreds of job applications, hoping to receive an employment opportunity there. By chance, Wang noticed the 2-year doctoral engineering program of the Eindhoven University of Technology, which adopts an industry–academia collaboration approach to match students with corporates, allowing students to participate in internships while completing the doctoral program.

After working with projects for Airbus and the European Space Agency, Wang currently serves as a data analyst in the Sustainable Development Department of Philips. While monitoring the development of analysis programs and testing of user interfaces, he analyzes greenhouse gas emissions during product transportation and adjusts the logistics plan to ensure the company’s fulfillment of corporate social responsibility and environmental protection goals.

During his free time, Wang enjoys a variety of hobbies. He is an expert baker and skydiver and is currently preparing for solo skydiving certification. He also plans to try out kayaking and canoeing in the future. Wang is not only proficient in English but also capable of using Dutch in everyday conversations. He has achieved outstanding academic and work performance and has lived his life to the fullest.

“Do not force yourself to meet society’s expectations, and do not use worldly values to evaluate success,” said Wang, who has embarked on a journey to explore his passion. He reminds fellow students to break free from their self-imposed limitations and encourages them to try out different opportunities. Wang also noted that adaption to loneliness is a major challenge to living in a foreign environment, and people should not force themselves to blend into foreign cultures. While developing their hobbies, people will surely find their own sense of belonging and comfort zone.

Editor: Amelia Cheng, Division of Strategic Planning