- Alternative Medical insurance

New students who are not eligible to join National Health Insurance for the first 6 month must purchase the alternative medical insurance from the Division of Overseas Student Affairs or provide the overseas medical insurance notarized by Taiwan embassy.

Fee: NTD.500 per month

Coverage: treatment due to accident or illness (non-treatment related fee, such as checking items fee are not included, such as eye examination, dental examination, general health examination etc.). For details, please refer to the insurance policy.

Reimbursement (actual reimbursed amount subject to insurance company's review):

  • Receipts below NTD.1000: Maximum amount = Actual expenditure
  • Receipts over NTD.1000: Maximum amount = NTD.1000

Required documents for reimbursement:

  • Receipt(s)
  • Diagnosis certificate
  • Copy of Post Office Account Passbook 
  • Copy of NCTU Student ID Card
  • Copy of ARC

Please bring the documents to the Division of Overseas Student Affairs and apply for the reimbursement application.