Internship Opportunity
- 【Internship】CTBC 2020 Summer Internship (2020.05.08 deadline)


If you are looking for a comprehensive career bridging program, CTBC’s 2020 Summer Internship program is the best choice for you! During the two-month internship period, you can get a glimpse of the company's practical operations, learn professional knowledge and also experience CTBC cultural activities along with our five-star company benefit. At the end of the program, you are one step ahead and ready to take on the business world. Catch The Best Choice! You are the Rising Star! Together, we can create a better future!

Internship Period
2020/07/06 - 2020/08/28 

  1. In 3rd year and/or above undergraduate students
  2. Will Graduate in 2021
  3. GPA 3.7 and above; or average grade of 80/100 and above.
  4. TOEIC 800 and above or JLPT N3 or equivalent
Please visit for further information.