Internship Opportunity
- 【Internship】"2023 Bank SinoPac SAP Summer Internship Program - Overseas Business Office" Overseas Product Development Group (Overseas Chinese Group-Vietnam Talent Zone)


Internship content: [Overseas Business Office - Overseas Product Development Team]
1. Support related projects in overseas branches
2. Assist in product development, system construction, and process optimization
3. Collect relevant information from peers

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Deadline: 2023/4/21
Interview date: mid-April to early May

Job category: product marketer,product planning developer,product manager
Working conditions: 200 yuan per hour
Nature of the work: Part-time - summer work-study
Place of work: Zhongshan District, Taipei City
Working hours: Day shift, 8:45~17:45
Holiday System: According to company regulations
Working day: unlimited
Number of people required: 1~2 people

Academic requirements: master
Department requirements: Major not specified
Language conditions:
English -- listening/proficient, speaking/proficient, reading/proficient, writing/proficient
Chinese -- listening/proficient, speaking/proficient, reading/proficient, writing/medium
Vietnamese -- listening/proficient, speaking/proficient, reading/proficient, writing/proficient

Sponsorship to improve language skills

Other requirements:
1. Financial background or banking experience is preferred
2. TOEIC score above 750
3. Chinese test level TOCFL B2