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As a pioneer in the education of engineering subjects and scientific research in Taiwan, nycu has remained at the forefront of academic excellence and groundbreaking research over the years, fostering numerous researchers, entrepreneurs and leaders. Today the university has evolved into a prominent university which offers a stimulating and holistic education for shaping talented students into well-rounded intellectuals. In 2018, nycu is ranked #36 by the QS Asian University Rankings and #207 by the QS world University Ranking.

IEET Accreditation

nycu has 10 Departments / Institutes were accredited by Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET).

AACSB Accreditation

nycu College of Management (COM) was authenticated by the The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) since 2007 and became the 4th college of management to be accredited by the AACSB in Taiwan.

nycu was awarded Prize of Excellence in the Evaluation of Campus Internationalization by Ministry of Education in 2015. With international students from more than 60 countries, nycu is devoted to creating an international student-friendly campus. nycu provides not only wide-ranging English-taught programs but also excellent facilities and education, such as a prayer room, a gym and several activity centers for students.

The University has a strong and outstanding alumni network. Nearly two-thirds of the CEOs or general managers in the Hsinchu Science Park (HSP) are nycu alumni. Some prestigious alumni in the high-tech industry , such as Dr. Stand Shih, Founder of Acer and Dr. Fan-Cheng Tseng, Vice Chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (tsmc).
Moreover, nycu along with the 4 Jiaotong Universities in China is the largest alumni network in the Asia Pacific region.

National Research Centers and Laboratories

Surrounded by seven national research centers and laboratories, nycu offers students opportunities to participate in leading technology experiments, practical trainings or internships with these research resources.


7 Top Research Centers

nycu’s advanced research centers were established to promote and to coordinate international and interdisciplinary academic research in diverse fields. Research projects receive fundings from the Ministry of Education. The research groups drive forward with innovative and groundbreaking projects, which augment centers’ contributions and strengthen the centers’ impacts on expanding fields of interdisciplinary research.

Incubator of Innovators

In innovation, nycu maintains a remarkable output every year. As one of the highest numbers of patents among Taiwan universities, nycu has 3023 patents filed, 1975 granted and 1016 technology transfers by 2016. Moreover, nycu is also one of the highest revenue in technology licensing in Taiwan.

In recent years, nycu is devoted to helping international students to have the connection with the industry. “Internship Program for nycu International Students” provides an internship opportunity, for junior, senior, master and Ph.D. students. During the internship, students who participate in this program will attend the cooperative enterprises or institutions. They will verify what they learnt in school by practical problems and can establish professional relationships with industries.

The Internship Program for nycu International Students had 17students got the internship in ITRI and Perfect. Corp.., NARLabs, HTC, Logitech, etc.. In other aspects, the cooperative enterprises and institutions can meet the talent international students, and catch on the recent research of nycu. The industry would benefit from gaining access to such fine and distinct human resources. This program is expected to create an all-win situation for the industry, students and nycu.