International Students
- Admissions
Please refer to "Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan" released by the Ministry of Education (MOE):
  • For Article 2 of the above regulation, please also refer to Article 2 of the Nationality Act of the Republic of China (R.O.C., Taiwan).
  • Applicants who do not meet the aforementioned qualifications shall have their admission qualifications, student registration, or graduation certificates cancelled or suspended. Violation of the aforementioned regulations shall result in the denial of all relevant academic documents.

  • Please confirm that you satisfy the criteria to be considered an international student.
  • Please confirm that the department/program you wish to apply for is open to enrolling international students, and please submit the application data in the online application system on this website.
  • Please read the regulations written in this admission guide carefully to verify whether the department you wish to apply for has specified which information you ought to submit, in addition to other requirements.
  • Application documents must be submitted via the online application system by the application deadline along with two letters of recommendation. Please note that the system will send the links to the letters of recommendation to the referees (the people who wrote those letters) after your application is submitted.
  • After the application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation letter titled “Online Application Submitted” from the system. Please confirm that you have received this letter. Applications without a letter of confirmation will not be accepted.
  • Please email for any questions during the application. Late applications or applications with missing information will not be accepted.

Note to the applicant:
    • Applicants may apply to no more than three departments. If an applicant is accepted by two or more departments, the applicant may only enroll in one of the departments.
    • All applicants must submit the required documents using the online application system; multiple document uploads and application updates are permitted before the deadline. Please ensure the correct documents are uploaded and confirm their submission after payment of the application fee. We will review admissions based on the documents uploaded and confirmed by the applicant using the online application system; after the deadline, revisions or supplemental information will not be accepted for any reason.
    • The application documents shall be submitted as PDF files except for photographs, which shall be submitted as JPG files. Please upload each document individually to each corresponding document field. Only one file can be uploaded for each document item. If you have multiple files you wish to upload to one item, please combine them into one single file before uploading. Files cannot be added or replaced after the application deadline.
    • Please read the regulations of this admission guide carefully before submitting your application, including those pertaining to the application criteria of each department. Applicants shall bear responsibility for cancelled applications or any negative impact on their review results that may arise from unqualified applications, inconsistent submission forms, or incomplete submitted data.
    • Please submit all data by the application deadline. Applicants are wholly responsible if their application is deemed to be unqualified as a result of delayed data submission.
    • Should there be any doubt regarding the submitted application data, NYCU may demand the applicant to mail original copies of the relevant documents, which shall not be returned regardless of whether the applicant is accepted.
    • Admission to NYCU does not guarantee you access to the visa issued by the diplomatic missions of Taiwan. Your visa is subject to approval only by the Bureau of Consular Affairs or by Foreign Embassies of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China.


    • Payment by remittance: After completing the online application, the system will generate a payment slip. Please verify the payment amount and print out the payment slip. After paying the designated amount at a financial institution, please upload the payment receipt using the online application system.
    • Application fees:
    • (1) Application fees are NT $2,000 per department.

      (2) For applicants who have studied at the university before, including those who studied through an exchange, study abroad, or summer program, the application fee per department is NT $1,500.

      *Enrolled students include students in joint or dual-degree programs; exchange students include students involved in university, college, or department exchange programs; study abroad and summer program students are limited to students who registered through the Office of International Affairs.

      *The discount rate does not apply to short-term students without a student number.

      (3) Application fees will not be refunded, even in situations involving incomplete or abandoned applications, applications that fail to meet the requirements, or erroneous or repeat payments.

      (4) Applications will not be processed until receipt of the application fee.

      (5) Payments within Taiwan must be processed in NTD. Overseas payments must be made using a credit card. Payments in other currencies or in the form of cash or check sent in the mail are not accepted.

      (6) Payment methods:

      *Payments within Taiwan: Bring the printed payment slip to any E.Sun Bank branch in Taiwan to pay at the counter or use a bank card (not a credit card) to complete a bank transfer at any ATM. Any interbank fees are the responsibility of the payer.

        *Overseas payments: Please pay online using a credit card. After payment is complete, please download the relevant "proof of online payment."
Collages without application fees





【Yangming Campus】

College of Medicine


【Yangming Campus】

College of Life Sciences


【Yangming Campus】

College of Biomedical Science and Engineering


【Yangming Campus】

College of Pharmaceutical Sciences


【Yangming Campus】

College of Nursing


【Yangming Campus】

College of Humanities and Social Sciences


【Chiaotung Campus】

College of Engineering


【Chiaotung Campus】

College of Photonics (Tainan Campus)


【Chiaotung Campus】

College of Artificial Intelligence  (Tainan Campus)

  • Admission guidelines:

    • AY2023-24 New programs open for international admissions:
        • Application for Master’s Program of Dept. of Photonics, please select EECS Int’l Graduate Program.
        • College of Hakka Studies (Liujia Campus): Graduate Program of College of Hakka Studies
        • College of Artificial Intelligence (Guerin Campus)
        • Doctoral Program of College of Artificial Intelligence
        • Institute of Intelligence System
        • Institute of Smart Industry and Green Energy
        • Institute of Computational Intelligence

    • For graduation requirements and curriculum of each program, please refer to:
      Undergraduate Students
      Graduate Students (Master/Doctor).
    • For a list of courses offered at each department/institute, please refer to: Course Timetable

      * Reminder:
    • Application for a graduate program in Electronics Engineering / Electrical and Control / Communications and Electrical / Master's program of Dept. of Photonics / Inst. of Biomedical Engineering / Inst. of Computer Science / Inst. of Network Engineering / Inst. of Multimedia Engineering is now processed under the EECS Int'l Graduate Program Office.
    • To apply for a graduate program in these fields, please select from the online admission application program:
        • College: College of Electrical and Computer Engineering
        • Dept./Inst.: EECS Int'l Graduate Program.
        • Only EECS Int'l Graduate Program will be written on the graduation diploma.

Fall 2023 Online Application System (12/20-3/15)

Semiconductor Research programs for Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Poland( 12/20-3/15)

  • Reminder:
    • If any problem arises while using this application system, please press "PrtScn" or "PrtScr" key on your keyboard and paste the image to your email message or a Word file. Email your questions and images to If you are not sure how the "PrtScn" key works, please look up "Print Screen" in your search engine for tutorials.
To be filled out in the online application system.
The study plan can be written in English or Chinese. Basic content shall include motivation for application, education/ research Background, and prospective study at NYCU.
(1) New graduates are required to submit the graduation certificates issued by their educational institutions. New graduates who have yet to receive their official graduation or provisional certificates must request their educational institution to issue official documentation stating when the official graduation certificate will be issued, and new graduates must receive their official certificates before the start of the semester at which they applied for.
(2) If applicants to the doctoral program are required to upload a copy of their Master of Philosophy (MPhil) certificate, they must also upload a certificate of their master's degree to qualify for the doctoral program.
(3) Applicants who hold degrees from China must submit their graduate certificate(s) and transcripts for verification to qualify for application.
i. Credentials of senior secondary education or lower shall be handled according to the Regulations Regarding the Assessment and Recognition of Academic Credentials from the Mainland Area.
ii. Credentials of tertiary education in China must be issued by a school or institution of tertiary education recognized by the Ministry of Education. Certificates of degrees must be submitted to the China Academic Degree and Graduate Education Development Center for verification. Certificates of graduation must be submitted to the China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center for verification. School transcripts must be submitted to the China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center or China Higher Education Student Information and Career Center for verification.

Students who studied in more than one educational institution for the same academic credential are required to submit transcripts from all the educational institutions they attended.
(1) Required degree certificate and transcript
To apply for the undergraduate program, please submit your graduation certificate and transcript from high school or higher.
To apply for the master's program, please submit photocopies of the certificate and transcript of your bachelor's degree or higher.
To apply for the doctoral program, please submit photocopies of the certificates and transcripts of your master's degree or higher.
(2) If your educational institutions cannot issue the Chinese or English versions of your graduation certificates and transcripts, please submit the translated copies in Chinese or English. The translated copies must be translated and notarized by the translation agencies registered in the countries where the educational institutions are located.
(3) If you are enrolled in NYCU, all graduation certificates and transcripts that you submitted, along with their translated copies, shall be verified by Taiwan Embassies or Taiwan Representative Offices in the countries of your educational institutions. If there are no Taiwan Embassies or Taiwan Representative Offices in these countries, please contact the Taiwan Embassies or Taiwan Representative Offices of their neighboring countries through the following link.

You must provide letters of recommendation written by no fewer than two recommenders—generally, instructors, advising professors, or employers. Please refer to the paper format provided by this office or request your recommenders to write letters of recommendation on the online application system.
(1) Applicant’s passport (photograph page only).
(2) For applicants without passports: Other nationality certificates with photographs and English names.
(3) Alien resident certificate (ARC) (if you have one).

All applicants must submit one of the following financial documents during the application process:
(1) Proof of scholarship issued by the Taiwan government or another government, not including proof of scholarship from NYCU.
(2) Proof of bank statement: applicants awarded a full scholarship from a nongovernmental body must submit proof of deposit of US $6000 (NT $200,000) dated within the past 3 months. If the proof of deposit is from a bank account held by anyone other than the applicant, the account holder must sign an affidavit explaining their relationship with the applicant and commitment to paying all the applicant’s expenses for their study in Taiwan. (download the declaration of financial sponsorship here).
(3) If the proof of deposit uses a currency other than US dollars or New Taiwan dollars, the applicant must note the exchange rate and the USD or NTD equivalent on the statement.

(1) The scores required for proving English proficiency in each department are subject to the regulations announced by each department. The recommended scores are a minimum of 500 points for PBT, 173 for CBT, or 73 for iBT in TOEFL; 5.5 points for academic IELTS; and 750 for TOEIC.
(2) If the courses from the educational institutions of your previous academic credential are fully taught in English, you can request the institutions, departments, or advising professors to issue an official certificate stating that the courses are fully taught in English.
(3) Applicants whose nationality or previous academic credential belongs to an English-speaking country are not required to submit proofs of English proficiency and are only required to submit their passports or graduation certificates.
(4) English-speaking countries are defined as the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Australia.

Most courses at NYCU are taught in Chinese, and applicants are advised to possess no lower than intermediate-level Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Furthermore, some departments require applicants to submit proof of Chinese proficiency. International students in non-English programs are advised to carry proof of Chinese proficiency, such as TOCFL certificates. Indonesian students applying for the undergraduate program or specific departments in NYCU must submit proof of Chinese proficiency. Please refer to the following link for a table of comparison between TOCFL and HSK levels.

Applicants who were previously nationals of the Republic of China must provide certificates of loss of nationality that are approved by the Ministry of the Interior for a minimum of 8 years.

(1) Please refer to the current year’s admission guide and to the website of the department you wish to apply for.
(2) Applicants for the doctoral degree must submit the full text of their master’s thesis. New graduates of master programs applying for the doctoral degree must submit the outlines of their master’s thesis. If the master’s thesis is not written in Chinese or English, please submit it in the full text along with its English abstract.
(3) The departments of some of the schools of management may require the submission of GMAT/GRE scores or proofs of work experience.
*Reminder: For application to the College of Management, a valid GMAT result is required. (Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT))

Intake Fall Semester Spring Semester
Application Period December 20 - March 15 August 10 – September 30
Announcement Mid-May Mid-November
Course Begins Mid-September Mid-February
  • Spring Intake is for graduate programs only.
  • Courses run for 18 weeks in each semester:
    Fall (August - January) and Spring (February - July). Please refer to NYCU Calendar.
  • Late and incomplete applications will not be considered.