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The tuition fees for international students who entered from 2022 Fall semester. List of Tuition Fees
The following are the tuition fees for international students who entered before 2022 Spring semester (2021 Academic year)  (for reference only)*

Items Undergraduate Graduate
Estimated Tuition and Credit Fees NT$49,540 - NT$57,980
(US$1,700 - US$1,950)
per semester 
Tuition Basic Fee:
NT$25,960 - NT$26,940
(US$870 - US$900) per semester
Credit Fee:
NT$2,385 - NT$5,000
(US$80~US$170) per credit
Miscellaneous Fees NT$1,500 (US$50) per semester
Books & Supplies NT$6,000 - NT$11,000 (US$200 - US$370) per semester
Student Dormitory (shared room) NT$8,000 - NT$12,000 (US$266 - US$400) per person/semester (4 person’s room)
Off-campus housing NT$6,000 - NT$12,000 (US$200 - US$400) per month (size & facilities vary)
Living Expenses NT$110,000 - NT$150,000 (US$3,350 - US$4,545) per year (varies per person)
National Health Insurance NT$9,300 (US$310) per year

  • *Note: Costs are per person. This list is subject to change without prior notice.
  • *Please refer to the latest announcement from NYCU Registrar for the updated tuition and fees summary of the academic year.