International Collaboration
- 【Event】Establishment of NCTU and Tohoku University Joint Research Office in NCTU, Taiwan


NCTU and Tohoku University, one of Japan’s leading universities, have had a shared history of outstanding research achievements in microelectronics and advanced devices stemming from the establishment of an Academic Exchange Agreement between the two universities in December 2005. Over the course of the past 13 years of collaboration, a myriad of vibrant and innovative research activities have been carried out. On May 4, 2017, the Liaison Office was first inaugurated in NCTU; 6 months later, second Liaison Office was established in Tohoku University in Sendai. On December 14, 2018, both Universities reached a milestone by setting up the Joint Research Centre in Guangfu Campus, NCTU. Underlining the importance of the event, the 16-member delegation from Tohoku University led by Executive Vice-president, Prof. Tadahiro Hayasaka, visited NCTU for the grand opening of the Centre. The new Joint Research Centre aims to strengthen collaboration in three fields: mm-wave smart radar system, hydrogen independent energy system, and new generation bio-medical sensor. A joint workshop focused on above three topics was held with team leaders and members from both universities engaging in presentations and discussions of their projects. National Chiao Tung University is committed to greater academic cooperation. President Mau-Chung Frank Chang realised the goal of joint international interdisciplinary research with Tohoku University, drawing on their success in its research achievements.