I. Reception principles
To effectively utilize the resources of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, guest reception should be based on the premise of mutually beneficial academic collaboration or maintaining existing partner university relationships. Guests with the following conditions should not be received.

II. The contact person of the university shall initially abide by the following procedures and determine the responsible unit.
  1. When visiting guests are university-level administrative supervisors, such as President, Vice President, or the visit involves cross-university administrative units, the Office of International Affairs will be in charge of the visit.
  2. Others: Each college or department shall be in charge of the visit.
    (If guests would like to arrange a brief visit to university-level units, please provide reasons and related information to the Office of International Affairs for further evaluation.)
  3. If the visiting groups are composed of guests of different level or with special purposes, the responsible unit shall be determined on a case by case basis. 

III. Scheduling
Possible forms of reception include meeting with supervisors, campus tours, forums, lectures, seminars, dining, or signing ceremonies.
  1. NYCU Museum(CT Campus):
    A tour around 30 minutes will be provided in Chinese by NYCU Museum. The responsible unit in charge of the visit should arrange an interpreter if an English guide is needed. Please contact NYCU Museum directly to make a reservation.
  2. Campus tour:
    A tour around 20 minutes is recommended and should be arranged by the responsible unit in charge of the visit.

IV. Application method
Please fill out the Visitors Request Form (doc.)(odt.) and email the form to the contact person below. The related unit will review the application and respond.

International guests / visitors
- Contact
Ms. Cherrie Chow
  • +886-3-5150059
  • cherrie@nycu.edu.tw