National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Dual-Degree and Collaborative Doctoral Dissertation Supervision Program


The Faculty Exchange Funding program at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University aims to foster collaboration between faculty members and professors from partner universities for jointly supervising doctoral dissertations. The program is designed to facilitate international faculty exchanges and encourage collaborative research paper publications.


Funding Categories and Amounts:

  1. Outgoing Funding for Visiting Domestic Dual-Degree Ph.D. Students Studying Abroad: The funding for travel expenses to countries in Europe and America is limited to NTD 80,000, while for other regions, it is capped at NTD 50,000.
  2. Incoming Funding for Invited Scholars from Partner Universities: This funding supports scholars from partner universities who are invited to supervise domestic dual-degree Ph.D. students or co-supervise domestic Ph.D. students' dissertations. For scholars from academic institutions in Europe and America, the funding amount is capped at NTD 100,000, and for other regions, it is capped at NTD 70,000.

Each faculty member is eligible to apply for funding once within a two-year period for each category.

For more detailed information about the program, please refer to the attached document.

Ms. Wendy Weng
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