Short-term Research Scholarship
  • Eligibility

  • Scholarship Amount

  • Research Length
    60 to 180 days (about two to six months)
  • (The program must end before/ on 20 December)

  • Important Dates of the Application

    Application Deadline

    Research Beginning From

    1st Round



    2nd Round



    3rd Round



  • *The table of schedules only sets the approximate timing, the exact application deadline must follow the holding of the NYCU Committee. The application deadline will be announced at the opening of each round.

  • Required Documents
          • Application form (typewritten) (doc.)(odt.)
          • Curriculum vitae (CV) in English
          • Research proposal (no more than one page)
          • Official transcript of academic records in English or Chinese.
          • Invitation letter from NYCU supervisor
          • (It should be formal with the professor’s signature, department, and contact information)
          • Latest enrollment letter from the home institution
          • (Please make sure the time covers your duration of stay in NYCU)
          • A copy of the Passport (valid for at least three months)
          • A statement issued by the home university indicates internship or research is a graduation criterion or a part of the course requirement.
          • (This is a compulsory visa application requirement only for
    undergraduate applicants

  • Application Instruction
    3rd Round: Please email the application documents in one file before May 28th, 2023 to the NYCU coordinator.

  • Admissions
    The submitted documents will go through the NYCU internal meeting for viewing. Please be aware that the approval process will take at least one to one and a half months.

  • Other Information
    Division of Overseas Student Affairs will email the "Welcome Package" to admitted students in which registration, arrival information, and dormitory application are contained.

  • - Contact
    Ms. Kiki Yang
    • +886-3-5131257
    • Inbound exchange, visiting & short-term research program