- 【Event】2022 NYCU International Mobility Week - Lecture Series


Everything you need to know about international mobility!

To promote the awareness of international mobility, NYCUOIA is inviting experts from the industry as well as our alumni to share their knowlege and experience about international mobility. Seminars include:
2022/5/09 (MON) 12:10-13:40 @2nd Meeting Room, YM Campus: "TOEFL Preparation"
2022/5/10 (TUE) 12:10-13:40 @2nd Meeting Room, YM Campus: "IELTS Preparation"
2022/5/11 (WED) 12:10-13:40 @A103, Assembly Building 1, CT Campus: "Uncover the Secrets of Israel"
2022/5/12 (THU) 12:10-13:40 @Conference Hall A, Library B1, CT Campus: "Study Abroad Experience Sharing"
2022/5/13 (FRI) 12:10-13:40 @Conference Hall A, Library B1, CT Campus: "Information Session of Exchange Abroad (AY22/23 2nd Intake)"

Registration Deadline: 2022/5/4 (三) 23:59
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Please note:
1. Participants registered for in-person seminar(s) will be provided with light meal if arriving on time.
2. At the moment, seminars will be conducted both in-person and virtual. For virtual participants, OIA will provide the Webex meeting information prior to the seminar.
3. OIA will adjust the mode of the event according to COVID-19 pandemic at the time and follow all the necessary protocols.
4. Participating in 2 or more seminars, OIA will issue a Certificate of Participation after the event and it can be used for bonus marks when applying for exchange studies in AY22/23 2nd intake.

For inquiry, please contact:
Ms. Cherrie Chow (OIA, CT Campus)
03-5712121 ext.50059