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  • Update Date:2024-06-18
  • Units:Office of International Affairs
University-level agreements
Ms. Rebecca Wey
+886-3-5712121 #62159
MOU, Student Exchange Agreement, Dual Degree Agreement
College-level agreements
College-level agreements List
College Position Name Email
College of Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Ms. Krystal Su
College of Computer Science Assistant Ms. Wen-Shin Wei
College of Engineering Assistant Ms. Ya-Chun Chang
College of Management Global Affairs Coordinator Ms. Mavis Tseng
College of Science Assistant Ms. Patricia Hsieh
College of Biological Science and Technology Administration Staff Ms. Guo
College of Photonics Assistant Ms. Yu-Ching Liao
College of Hakka Studies Assistant Ms. Guei-Ying Hsiao
College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CT Campus) Assistant Ms. Jui-Wen Chang
School of Law Assistant Ms. Peng
International College of Semiconductor Technology Assistant Ms. I-Ting Lin
College of Artificial Intelligence Administrative Assistant Ms. Yun-Ling Jen
Industry Academia Innovation School Administrative Assistant Ms. Elsa Liang
College of Nursing Administrative Assistant Ms. Huang
College of Biomedical Science and Engineering Administrative Assistant Mr. Wu
College of Humanities and Social Sciences (YM Campus) Administrative Assistant Ms. Chen
College of Medicine Administrative Assistant Ms. Edna Ho
College of Life Sciences Administrative Assistant Ms. Ms. Ya-Fu Yang
College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Administrative Assistant Ms. Victoria Yeh
College of Dentistry Administrative Assistant Ms. Chen
For department list, please refer to: NYCU Academics